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Durchsehen Exp. 01

(augmented perspective) (2015)

D-2010. Concrete cube, PC, 2 projectors, webcam, servo motors, microcontrollers, C++ applications, tripods.

4 x 4 x 2m. Collaboration with Markus Kison

A camera fixed on the concrete cube sculpture recognizes the presence of human faces within its scope. With a randomized choice it will focus on one of the bystanders and adjust its movement to his; tracking the eye movements of the viewer, a software computes the corresponding angle of view projecting onto the cube the very section of the space the sculpture is blocking from the viewers eye; thus making the cube appear transparent.
The video sculpture „Durchsehen, Exp. 01 (augmented perspective)“
overwrites the common notion of perspective and plays with the
significance of perspective in an art historical perspective; the
work of art evades the gaze of the viewer or rather: the two are
equated. The gaze of the observer coincides with the object of
observance in a piece that also draws a line to former strategies of
dealing with vision and depiction: the renaissance praxis of “painting
on glass”. Through the real-time projection on the cube a 3dimensional depiction of 2dimensionality occurs; the catoptric turns dioptric. The framing plane of the conventional video image becomes fragmented as work and reality intertwine in an augmented perspective.

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