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Expanded Animation:0001

“Code to Material”


The first part of a research project, culminating in an Exhibition at Shenzhen Animation Biennale 2018.
In the first part of this research project we will examine algorithms coming from Informatics, Mathematics and Cybernetics as well as other disciplines like Biology and Physics that got extensively used by Artists and Designers over the last years. Including Noise, Cellular Automata, Attractors, L-Systems or Reaction Diffusion.
The immateriality of these abstract algorithms and digital codes will be our starting point to transform the performative aspects of this algorithms to project them onto inert matter.
In the beginning of  the Seminar the students will be introduced to a basic drawing machine (done with Arduino and Processing). Starting from there the students will develope their own projects over the course of the seminar.
Each participant will be invited to show a work in 2018 at Shenzhen Animation Biennale 2018 – limited number of participants.

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